Life Coach Proves Blood Sweat and Tears aren’t Enough

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Testimonies for Life Coach, Lauren Vines

I began receiving coaching about 3 years ago when my life was in shambles. I am pleased to say that with a lot of hard work and Lauren’s wisdom, insight, determination and skilled coaching, I am now living a happy life I once thought was impossible. Her life coaching literally led me out of the mess I had allowed my life to become and showed me how to listen to my heart. I highly recommend this precious lady who literally saved my life. Molly M – Atlanta, Georgia

Lauren began coaching me when I felt trapped and hopeless. I had given up and thought that I just didn’t deserve a happy life. She listened, asked questions and gently unlocked the prison I had put myself in. Don’t let her humble sweetness mislead you; she is powerful and incredibly gifted. Donna B – Arlington, TX

Lauren’s workshop series was the best money I ever spent. Through the course of the 3 month teleseminars, I was finally able to gain tools to see life differently and see how to move through in the way I feel good about myself. It was simple, not easy, but simple and non-threatening. “Highly Recommended!” Jerry McK – Oklahoma City, OK